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Oct 5


Redefining a Diversified Portfolio

6 PM Central on October 5th at Online

You’ll find out more about how retirement savers are facing new challenges, and the new ways to manage investment risk. You’ll learn the answers to your investment questions, including:
⦁ What is traditional portfolio diversification?
⦁ How has the investment landscape changes?
⦁ How can you achieve your goals with the least amount of risk?
⦁ How can new annuity options help you rethink diversification?

    Oct 12


    Three Transitions to Retirement: It’s about more than just the money

    October 12th at 6 PM Central

    During this session, you’ll learn:
    ⦁ How to confidently address the financial, lifestyle, and emotional transitions to retirement
    ⦁ How to guard against risks and manage those that are inevitable
    ⦁ Whether you are ready for retirement

    Oct 20


    Social Security and Your Retirement

    October 20th at 6 PM Central

    During the virtual seminar, you’ll find out more about your Social Security benefits and discuss the role they play when setting a clear direction for your financial future. You’ll learn the answers to your Social Security questions, including:

    ⦁ What are the rules for starting your Social Security benefits?
    ⦁ How do spouses coordinate their benefits?
    ⦁ Are there different routes to take that could potentially increase your benefits?
    ⦁ How do you decide where Social Security fits within your retirement plans?

    Oct 26


    Understanding Medicare

    October 26th, 2021 at 5:30pm CST, 6:30pm EST

    During the virtual seminar, you’ll find out more about the basics of Medicare and how financial education can help you in retirement income planning. You’ll learn the answers to your Medicare questions and discuss:

    ⦁ Medicare basics and the differences between Parts A, B, C, and D
    ⦁ Tips for choosing your coverage and enrolling in Medicare
    ⦁ How to consider health care costs when planning your retirement income

    Nov 2


    How to Weather a Bear Market

    November 2nd at 6 PM Central

    When the market dips, what do you do? How do you react? Without a plan, reacting based on your instincts could hurt your long-term financial goals. Learn steps you can take now to prepare to weather the next bear market.
    Attend a valuable virtual seminar, “How to Weather a Bear Market.” You’ll learn the answers to questions, including:
    ⦁ What is a bear market?
    ⦁ How does behavioral finance affect decision-making?
    ⦁ How do overreaction and bad decisions compromise long-term financial goals?
    ⦁ How do I weather a bear market?

    Nov 9


    The Return of Conservative Investing Virtual Seminar

    November 9th at 6PM Central

    Market volatility. Low-interest rates. Retirement risks. All of these headwinds are making it tougher than ever to know where to invest your retirement savings. In this virtual seminar, you’ll learn how conservative investments like certificates of deposit (CDs) and annuities can help get your financial plan back on track.
    In this session, you will learn the answers to questions, including:
    ⦁ How can conservative investments help you face today’s economic risks?
    ⦁ What are the differences between CDs and annuities?
    ⦁ What are the different types of annuities?
    ⦁ How do you decide which conservative investment is right for you?

    Nov 16


    Women and Investing: Steering toward retirement

    Tuesday 11/16/2021 TIME: 5:30PM CST 6:30PM EST

    The virtual seminar will focus on taking control of your future through investing. You’ll also learn about:

    ⦁ Key investment principles every woman should know
    ⦁ Important opportunities like asset allocation
    ⦁ Understanding investor behavior
    ⦁ Differences between financial products like mutual funds and annuities

    Nov 30


    Rollover Planning

    November 30th at 6 PM Central

    Often when people change jobs or prepare for retirement, they need to make decisions on their retirement plans and pensions. In this virtual seminar, you’ll learn some of the rules we need to follow and the options available.
    In this session you will learn the answers to questions, including:
    Pros and Cons to leaving your money in the company plan
    Possible taxes or penalties we may face when moving money
    Options for moving it your new company plan
    Rolling it over to a personal IRA

    Dec 7


    Social Security and Your Retirement

    December 7th at 6 PM Central

    Join us for a virtual session that can help you set your financial direction and answer more of your questions:
    ⦁ What sources of retirement income will you rely on?
    ⦁ What retirement risks do you face now that you’re drawing on their savings?
    ⦁ Which income strategies should you consider?
    ⦁ How can you use annuities to guarantee income for life?

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