Account activity printout (Current Month)

$1.00 per page

Account balancing assistance

$15.00 per hour plus $1.00 per page

Account closed within 90 days of opening


Account research

$15.00 per hour plus $1.00 per page

ATM fee for using an ATM not owned by us or not in

the ATM Zone or TransFund No Surcharge Networks


Bill Pay:

Service Fees:

Free for first ten (10) transactions per month thereafter

$1.25 per transaction

Misc. product fees:

Next Business Day (Overnight) Rush Check


Second Day Rush Check


Second Day Electronic Delivery


Charitable donations


Gift pay


Daily limits:

Daily per day cap


Daily per item cap


Cashiers Checks (pick up or mail out)

60 years of age or older


3 per month free

$3.00 for each additional

Check Cashing Fee:

Charged if you only have a savings account and have less

than a $50 balance at the time the check is presented

$25.00 & under

no charge

$25.01 to $500.00


Over $500.00

1% of amount of check

Coin Processing

5% of amount

Copy of draft


Deposited checks (and other items) returned unpaid:

Account owner/member


Non-account owner/member


Deposit verification (credit reference/mortgage payoff)


Inactive accounts:

Share accounts (balance below $1,000)

(no activity except dividends for 24 months or more)

$5.00 per statement cycle

Share draft accounts (no activity for 6 months)

$5.00 per month

Early Withdrawal Penalty CD & IRA

90 days dividends or minimum $10.00

Foreign currency

Actual Cost

Garnishments and IRS Levies


Gift Cards:



Non members







IRA annual service fee (for IRA maintenance)


Membership entrance fee


Money Order 60 years of age or older


3 per month free

$1.50 for each additional

Overdraft/C-Pay fee


Printout of Statement (Current Month)

$1.00 per page

Replace ATM/debit card


Replace PIN for ATM/debit card


Safe Deposit Boxes:


$30.00 per year


$40.00 per year


$70.00 per year

Safe Deposit Box Replacement Key


Safe Deposit Box Drilling

$150.00 or actual cost whichever is greater

Share/Club Monthly Transaction Limitation

$3.00 per transaction exceeding 6

Share Draft Account Fee

$5.00 per month if balance falls below $300.00

Stop Payments (draft, check, or ACH)


Stop payments-cashier check (after 90 days)

Actual cost

Telephone transfers


Temporary counter checks (maximum 10)

$0.10 each

Undeliverable mail

$5.00 per month

VISA manual disbursement access fee/Cash advance fee


Western Union wire transfer


Wire Transfers:

Domestic Wire Transfer Incoming/Outgoing


Wire transfer rejected return


Foreign wire transfer-Incoming


Foreign wire transfer-Outgoing


Foreign wire transfer rejected